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As more and more people are trying to enter the business side of the world, the trend to start a side business is really picking up. People have now become interested in different ways of starting a small business in bangladesh. One of the mostly sought out options is to sell online in bangladesh. Wahid Mart is known to be the best online selling website in bangladesh. If you want to start your deal with a reliable organization to back you, then wMart seller centre is the best way to go about it. All you’ve to do is go through the wMart seller account registration process that’s available on, and you’re all set to sell on Wahid Mart!

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The country’s largest online shopping mall and the country’s only full-fledged e-commerce website in its own language. Here shoppers of all ages can buy everything from daily necessities like gadgets, electronics, household items, leather goods, jewelery, children’s accessories, cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle products at very affordable prices. Buyers order their favorite products online from anywhere in Bangladesh anytime through the internet and Wahid-Mart delivers to customers all over Bangladesh under its own management.

If you are thinking of a modern business plan at a very low cost to expand your business that will make your product well known to the buyers in a very short time, as well as further expand your business excellence in the competitive market, then Wahid-Mart.Com may be for you. A full fledged business platform. Wahid-Mart conducts various epoch-making promotional activities to expand your business that can simultaneously introduce, sell and pay dividends for your product as well as broaden your path as a successful business owner overall. Through the ‘Business Partnership’ project, Wahid-Mart acts as the online partner (e-tailor) of your enterprise, which definitely affects the branding as well as sales of your product. In addition, through our extensive delivery network across Bangladesh, you can deliver your product to buyers in different parts of the country in the fastest time.

Wahid Mart’s merchants are always conscious of increasing the positive acceptance of the product. Wahid Mart uses a variety of technology-based promotional tools to promote merchants’ brands / products to the maximum. Traditional promotions such as television / radio advertisements, billboards or banners or festoons – as well as marketing your products under an integrated promotional package from Wahid Mart to give you a clear idea of ​​the market for your product. Wahid Mart also plays a unique role in the promotion of various technology based social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and more recently. Wahid Mart has a popular fan page on Facebook where millions of shoppers are actively present. We take the offer of any interesting product more seriously in front of the target buyers.

Wahid Mart has an active customer care department to manage the customer acceptance and delivery process. Our Customer Care Service operates seven days a week through its own call center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which helps merchants / sellers to promote their products.

The largest online shopping mall,, manages to deliver the products directly to the customers in almost all the districts of the country under its own management. In this case, Wahid-Mart has a skilled delivery / fulfillment team.

With its own development team, photographers and designers, Wahid Mart ensures the quality of all the products of its merchants and uploads the product offers. However, in this case, the opinion of the merchants must be given priority.

Wahid-Mart has its own payment gateway system. Buyers can quote using any of his Visa / MasterCard at Wahid-Mart. Buyers can also shop through bKash.